Amritjoyt Singh Kler

Train Hard, Eat right, Sleep like a King

Gym Time

You only as good as the work you put in at the gym

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Built In The Kitchen

No matter how hard you work, without the correct diet your going nowhere fast

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Amritjoyt Singh Kler

Dare to be different

I have spent my life in sports, challenging the traditional Indian ideals to become a top contender in the Amature UK Bodybuilding scene and become a role model and inspiration for many young individuals.

I have competed in various bodybuilding competitions, highlighted by achieving: 2014 NABBA Novice British Final 2nd Place

I have an excellent track record in providing results and top advice to clients of all levels, helping them achieve there desired goals.

What I Do
  • Sports Therapist
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Training Expert
  • Life Coaching
  • Civil Engineering Degree
  • Computer Science Masters
  • Software Engineer (Financial)
  • Certified Sports Therapist

Spot me out and about

Mercedes CL63 AMG

Instagram @bag.amg